Download Vivo Funtouch OS 12 Theme for Oppo & Realme


Hi everyone ...

As we know vivo is one of thel popular smartphone brand in the world. And of course, it's supported by their funtoch os. Funtouch OS 12 is the new OS that just released by vivo. Funtouch OS 12 is very nice and beautiful. So today I want to share Funtouch OS 12 Theme for Oppo & Realme. In order Oppo & Realme Users abble to feel funtouch OS 12 on their phone. Now let's take a look into the theme.


I create this theme look like vivo funtouch OS 12. Of course I put stock wallpaper from vivo funtouch OS 12 on this lockscreen. I also put date and time at the top of lockscreen. Then we can acces camera shortcut at the bottom of lockscreen. Not only that, I also put charging animation on this lockscreen when we charge our smartphone.


On this Homescreen, I also put same stock wallpaper from vivo Funtouch OS 12 like on lockscreen. And then we can see, there is widget like on vivo Funtouch OS 12 on this Homescreen. In this case, we need KWGT app to add this widget. The last, on this theme of course I use the new vivo Funtouch OS 12 icon packs.

Notification Bar

In notification bar, I make this look like on vivo funtouch OS 12. I give blue accent on the toggle with square shape. And black for the background.

What else?

This theme also can change appearance of setting menu, file manager, alarm clock, phone, and message.

This theme is change to the Settings menu, all the icons in the settings menu have been customised. The icons are round in vivo funtouch os 12 style.

Next, this theme also changes the appearance of the file manager menu. I have replaced the icon with the icon from Vivo Funtouch OS 12.

On the alarmclock, I also change the background in to dark mode

Next, phone menu. In this menu I custumised the dial pad, number pad, and dark background.

The last, message. In this menu, I custumised the avatar, bubble chat, and dark background.

How to apply the theme permanently?

- make sure your theme store version is 7.4

- install imod pro v1.3.4

- open and apply the theme

- open imod pro v1.3.4

- click blue circle button on the top corner

- your theme is apply permanently

Download Link



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