Tema Oppo Tembus Akar Tema Nova Light For Realme Ui Dan Oppo Coloros

This Nova Linght theme is very good, show it with a dark color background.  with a full color icon pack, this time I will share it for free and permanently, namely the Oppo Nova Linght Theme. Can be used on Oppo or Realme UI devices.

In this theme many of the latest features. For the Home Screen section, use the premium kwgt. Widget Feature.  but don't worry, all widget templates are already provided in the zip folder.  to display the signal icon is very different from the others.  and the battery icon is colored blue to yellow.  create a full color application icon pack with a dark color background.  This Nova Linght theme is now supported in the Drawer Mode section with a Transparent Backgroud.

In the menu, the dial pad is no less good.  with a colorful number icon, plus a very cool popup icon.  for the display section of the messeg with a different babbel chat style from the existing themes, all full icons and full color.

For this Nova Light Theme in the file manager section.  only translucent for android 10 only

For the settings, all menus are fully translucent.  such as sim card & cellular data, wifi, bluetooth, other wireless connections, notification & status bar, screen and brightness and many others.

For the photo and video background, you can't use wallpaper like other displays.  can only use the color code to change it.

In the systemui display, the background is dark. With a menu icon in bright orange, flat red and green, flat red, for setting the brightness, it is given a flat red blue color so that it is different from other themes. The most interesting thing in this theme is the Lock screen section here.  the nenu feature can be changed according to our wishes. To change it, just click the gear icon in the left corner there will appear a menu tab to change the appearance of the icon, to open the lockscreen or lock screen, just click 2 x on the clock  then the lock screen will automatically open.

That's the look of the Nova Linght Theme. In my opinion, this theme is very simple and good with lots of new features.  if you are interested in having this Nova light Theme.  Just download the full file. It's very easy, just find the keywords in the video to open the zip file.  This theme is free and belongs to you.

Name Theme : Nova Light 
Support Version : Android 10 
Download Link :  Download
Password : Minggu

⚠️ ATTENTION - Please don't upload this theme - Please don't remod this theme without permission - Do not share other than the link from this channel - Do not share passwords