Theme Oppo Gladient For Realme Ui dan Oppo Coloros 7 Tembus Sampai Akar

Download the latest Gladient support theme, of course, this theme is free and permanent.  So for those of you who like to change 3rd party themes, namely the Oppo theme and the Realme theme.

Translucent Gladient Theme with a very luxurious and cool look, with a paid icon pack.  All application icons are full system. with the latest features.  Which has a Gladient theme.

For the Front view it uses HD quality wallpapers. Plus the very cool kwgt widget feature makes the Gladient theme look more attractive.  Signal icon and navigation button icon using the ios icon.

This Gladient theme supports system applications such as.  Systemui section / status bar, dialer application, contacts, messenger application, photo gallery, music and video application, file manager application, full system settings application.

In the Lockscreen section, this gradient theme is very unique because there are features that are different from other themes.  Has advantages.  You can change wallpapers with extraordinary effects.

Note- This theme can only support full system on Android 10 or Coloros 7.

Name Theme : Gradient 
Version Support : 7 
Link theme :  Download
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