Tema Oppo Eternal Time Fullpack gratis dan permanen

Download the Free Fullpack Theme.  Every day there are more and more cool themes that can be used on your device for free, you can use it on your Oppo phone or on your Realme phone.  this theme is already in the theme store with a pretty hefty price.  but not full support like the theme I share.

This Eternal Time theme is perfect for lovers of internal support themes where this theme has many advantages.  With the latest features.  Which is specially made for Realme ui android 10 and Oppo Coloros 7 which support the full system.

For the Home display, the Eternal Time Theme uses additional features such as the premium kwgt widget.  to make this theme look more pleasing to the eye.  and interesting.  Using the latest signal icon All kwgt widget materials are already in a zip file

This Eternal Time theme supports applications such as the following.
 whatsapp app,
 play store app,
 Keep Notes App,
 calendar app,
 recorder app,
 Sim Card Application,
 Music App,
 photo Gallery app,
 Alarm clock app,
 Video Application,
 Theme store app,
 Youtube app,
 chrome app,
 Camera Application,
 Dialer/Contacts app,
 messenger app,
 full system Settings application,
 File manager application.

(Unlock mode) Swipe up to unlock (Topic description) Swipe right to open the Free Settings button panel, Double-click the right shortcut key to enter the corresponding software.

That's the description of the fullpack Eternal Time Theme.  If you are interested in this theme, if you want to use it, you can download it for free.  Zip file with password

 Theme Name : Eternal Time fullpack
 Version Support : Coloros 7
 Theme Links : Download
 Password : Dua jari