Tema Naruto Rasengan For Realme Ui Dan Oppo Coloros tembus Akar, Coloros 11

Download the latest Naruto Rasengan Theme Oppo Coloros 11 and Realme ui Android 11, This theme has new features available on oppo coloros 11 devices or on Realme ui Android 11 this theme is free and permanent.

The Naruto Rasengan theme has been shared for coloros 7 and now I'm updating it again for use on Coloros 11. because many don't support the previous theme on the latest device version.

In Coloros 11 many new features are very interesting.  This Naruto Rasengan theme penetrates the roots to all parts of the system or other applications. So don't doubt it, I have tested this one ui blue theme on coloros 11 well.  Don't be afraid to use it.

Features that are supported in Coloros 11
Application: Dialer/Contac to the Background section.
 Application: Smsmms go through the Popup chat section
 Application: photo gallery
 Application : camera
 Application: alarm clock
 Application : calculator
 Application: sim card
 Application : video
 Application : playstore
 Application : youtube
 Application : File manager
 Applications: settings and many others.

That's the little information I can convey.  If you want more details and clearer, you can immediately try or install this Naruto Rasengan Theme for free.

How to install a theme on coloros 11 or on android 11
Use the theme store application version 6.4.0 and the imod pro application.  Version 1.3.3 to help become a permanent theme.

About themes 
Theme Name : Naruto Rasengan 
Theme Support version : android 11 
Link theme : Download
Password : Perdana