Tema Ios 14 Amazing Tema iPhone Coloros 11 Tembus Akar Free dan permanen

 Download Theme Ios 14 Black Simple Amazing It's very nice.  Since many people like to use iOS themes and I tried to make them, this iOS theme can be used on Oppo Coloros 11 and Realme Ui Android 11 devices.

 display the Home screen.  Using 3 very nice and attractive kwgt freemium widgets.  Widget Date music And Ram memory.  The default widget is also there, if it doesn't support it, use the widget that has been provided.

What's see-through In this Ios Black Simple Amazing Theme.  Of course.  This theme penetrates the roots of the full system.  Using blue font, all icons or features have been adjusted to the theme's appearance.

Interesting theme, simple but fun.

Find more locking styles or different charging designs to suit your preference, the dry style you love!

About lock screen interactions:

1, Swipe up to unlock your scrcon;

2, Long press the shortcut icon at the bottom to open the app.

3, slide down to counter the control controller, including effect focus, short APP tight, DIY control.

4. Swipe right to open component center, including countdown, APP shortcut, clock, candidate.

Attention: After turning on Flashlight on lock screen, turn off Flashlight manually in the middle of contral, or double click stant


Theme Name : Ios 14 Black Simple Amazing THEME

Version Support : Coloros 7 and 11

Theme Link: Download

Password : Simple

To install Themes on Oppo Coloros 11 And Realme Ui Android 11 Use the Theme store version V 7.4.0 and the immod pro Apk.